Slim Framework Version 1.6.6

I’ve just released Slim Framework 1.6.6. This minor release is recommended for everyone and includes the following changes:

  • Simplify, optimize router regular expressions
  • Revert SPL autoloader to previous state
  • Reduce global namespace footprint
  • Numerous documentation fixes
  • Fix content type for Slim’s debugging error handler
  • Delay resource URI injection into Slim_Router
  • Add Travis CI integration
  • Add PHPUnit XML configuration

Before version 1.6.6, Slim had a large global namespace footprint. Version 1.6.6 removes Slim’s global namespace footprint entirely. This means:

  • Slim requires libmcrypt;
  • Your existing error_reporting setting will be used;
  • Slim’s error handler is used only within Slim::run; afterward, the previous error handler is restored.

Visit this URL to view the relevant changes to the source code: