Heads Up! Rarely will you set or append data directly on the view object. Usually, you pass data to the view with the Slim application's `render()` method. See Rendering Templates.

The view object’s setData() and appendData() methods inject data into the view object; the injected data is available to view templates. View data is stored internally as a key-value array.

Setting Data

The view object’s setData() instance method will overwrite existing view data. You may use this method to set a single variable to a given value:

$app->view->setData('color', 'red');

The view’s data will now contain a key “color” with value “red”. You may also use the view’s setData() method to batch assign an entire array of data:

    'color' => 'red',
    'size' => 'medium'

Remember, the view’s setData() method will replace all previous data.

Appending Data

The view object also has a appendData() method that appends data to the view’s existing data. This method accepts an array as its one and only argument:

    'foo' => 'bar'